Aluminium Skyline Coping System

At Gutter Centre we supply the Skyline Aluminium Coping system manufactured by Alumasc here in the UK.

Aluminium Coping provides an economical capping to upstand parapets on flat and pitched roofs and is suitable for new buildings and retrofit.

The Skyline coping system uses a strap fixing method which avoids penetration of the capping wall, whilst still allowing for ventilation over the top of the wall.

Technical support for all aluminium coping systems is available upon request.

Colours & Finishes

We can supply aluminium coping in a range of 26 stock colours, using an in-house polyester powder coating facility. Additional RAL or BS colours are available upon request, which means we can match both your building design and colour scheme.

The aluminium coping undergoes a series of pre-treatments, before an electrostatically applied polyester powder in the chosen colour is applied. This is then baked, to complete the process, which helps achieve a continuous paint line and outstanding results which are far better than that of sited painted systems.

Skyline aluminium coping is maintenance free and 100% recyclable with a life expectancy of up to 40 years, depending on the environment location. Aluminium coping is quick to install and can also be ordered in plain mill finish for onsite painting.

Skyline Coping Range

The coping comes in standard 3m lengths and is suitable for wall thicknesses ranging between 91 – 600mm wide. 90 degree coping Angles, Tee junctions, Closed ends, Upstands and Straight joint reducers are all fabricated, which means you can order a complete system from one supplier made in the UK.

• Attractive clean lines are maintained with no viable fixings on the surface of the Skyline coping.

• Lightweight, durable and 100% recyclable.

• Skyline copings are fabricated from 2mm or 3mm think aluminium sheet metal depending on the wall thickness.

• A waterproof membrane will be required beneath the Skyline coping to provide an effective seal.

Aluminium Coping Installation & Fixing

Skyline aluminium coping fixing can be carried out from the roof, so no external scaffolding is usually required. The main instructions to follow are:

• Fix wall coping strap to structure at maximum 1.5 metre centre’s.

• Locate wall coping over half of the wall bracket at joint and rotate down.

• Apply pressure to the coping to clip it into place, compressing the EPDM seal.

• Repeat on next length or fitting & leave a 4mm gap for expansion.

Coping Applications & Performance

Aluminium coping offers a practical solution for the modern day building design. With the Skyline coping system you can be sure it will meet your client’s expectation. The key benefits are:

• Provides a totally weatherproof covering.

• Attractive clean lines are maintained as fixings are not visible on the surface.

• The fixing strap profile allows ventilation over the top of the wall whilst remaining weatherproof.

• Material thickness and fixing mechanism gives excellent rigidity & is lightweight, durable and non-corrodible.

• Aluminium is 100% recyclable.

Skyline Coping Components & Manufacture

The Skyline aluminium coping system is manufactured here in the UK using cutting edge production methods. Available in plain mill or polyester powder coated finish. The main features are:

• Skyline Copings is fabricated from 2mm or 3mm thick aluminium alloy sheet, depending on wall thickness.

• Fixing straps are pressed 3mm aluminium with extruded EPDM seals bonded to the top surface.

• All fabricated fittings are mitred, welded and have a smooth finish on the front face.

• A waterproof membrane will be required beneath the Skyline Coping to provide an effective seal.